Want your boat to arrive as clean as it left?

Shrink wrapping your boat protects and preserves it from:

  • Harsh weather and the elements
  • Dirt, debris and damage during transport
  • Deterioration during the off-season and in storage
  • Break-ins, theft and vermin infestation

Shrink wrapping without question helps protect against weathering and deterioration and extends the life of your boat. Shrink wrap is also designed to offer greater protection than standard boat covers or plastic sheeting. Professional boat shrink wrap includes UV inhibitors, anti-brittling formulation, and strengthening compounds that provide the ultimate level of care and protection for your motorboat, sailboat or yacht.

Bring your boat to us or we will come to you, for your convenience we offer our boat shrink wrap service where and when you need it.

 Every boat is unique and each client's needs are different, Flynn Marine offers custom boat shrink wrapping to match your service requirements. Center console boats can be shrink wrapped from the T-top down to protect the windshield and electronics. You may want only a partial shrink wrap or need specialized service for a unique boat, we are happy to help you.

Shrink wrapping is not just for boats: we can shrink wrap your boat trailer, cradle, and large boating accessories. These items all benefit from shrink wrapping for the same reasons – protect them as you would care for your boat, to ensure they last in top condition just as long.

We also offer boat transport and boat cradle services.

Need your boat shrink wrapped? We offer a FREE QUOTE for shrink wrapping, get in touch and tell us what you need. You can also call us at 1-800-418-1230 for a boat shrink wrapping quote or with any questions.

Shrink Wrapping for International Shipping

Shrink Wrapping for International Shipping

Shrink Wrap

We can wrap your boat wherever it is.  We will come to you.  We can wrap before we haul them as well.  Please call us to discuss your shrink wrap needs.

This was a boat trailer we wrapped to protect from the Florida sun.

This was a boat trailer we wrapped to protect from the Florida sun.

Shrink Wrap more than the boat.

Do you need to protect your painted steel trailers or tires from the sun?  We can wrap your trailer and set it on blocks.  Do you need to shrink things other than your boat?  We can help with that too. 


        32' Regulator CC wrap

        32' Regulator CC wrap

Don't need to wrap the whole boat?

Flynn Marine can wrap as much or as little of the boat as is required.  Large center console boats can wrap from the t-top down to protect the windshield and electronics.