Boat cradles from Flynn Marine: designed, assembled and delivered per your specifications. Service to all major ports in the United States, contact us directly for service to smaller ports or facilities. Choose from steel boat cradles, wood, or combination steel-wood boat cradles. We can accommodate almost any design you require and we specialize in fast, secure delivery.

Our custom-built boat cradles are designed with performance, quality and durability in mind. Perfect-fit design supports your boat precisely, correct angles and pressure points support and distribute weight, protect your boat and safeguard your investment. Proper fit, including adjustable screw pads, is crucial to ensuring your boat is not damaged during transport.

Boat cradles from Flynn Marine are also affordable, we make competitive pricing a priority.

We have chosen our boat cradle partners carefully, we use only companies with a proven record for quality work. Steel boat cradles are produced using modern MIG welding techniques, wood cradles are double- and triple-checked to ensure solid, durable construction. On delivery the cradles are inspected again to make certain of a snug fit, all bolts properly tightened, pads in place, etc. We only sign off once we know everything is perfect.

Once you have your cradle, we also offer boat transport and boat shrink wrapping services.

Need a cradle for your motorboat, sailboat or yacht? Tell us about your vessel and we can provide a FREE QUOTE for the perfect cradle, just get in touch and tell us what you need. You can also call us at 1-800-418-1230 for a boat cradle quote or with any questions about our service.